Life changes. All good!

The last 3 weeks have been super busy. Many, many changes are on the horizon.

First, I’m done with treatment for breast cancer! I couldn’t sleep Friday night because I was so happy and excited by the news and the positive changes it brings. No more every-3-weeks Herceptin/Perjeta infusions. No more every-3-weeks bloodwork and oncology visits. Now I’m down to once a year with the radiation oncologist, once every six months with the surgeon, and once every three months with the medical oncologist. I’ll be back on an annual mammogram schedule, and I’m hoping to never have a recurrence. Life is looking very bright again.

Also, my son found a house in North Carolina, so he is preparing to move, meaning there are boxes everywhere. I’m sure the dust it’s kicking up hasn’t helped my allergies, which continue to annoy me. I’m going to miss him so much, but I know that this is what he wants. I will support him in any way I can. As a friend said to me, our job is to get rid of them eventually, to push the baby bird to fly. Don’t misunderstand me. He has lived on his own off and on since he was 21, but we’ve pretty much lived together since 2016, with a minor gap. It’s time. I love him and will see him when I can, and we’ll have lots of Zoom calls, I’m sure. I’m excited for him.

For now, I’m going to stay in my house. I think it makes sense for me to take some money out of retirement, pay off debt and fix up the house. By the time I’m ready to retire, the price will have jumped again. New homes in my area are selling for $450 – 650K, and I will owe maybe $150K by the time I retire. Having money in real estate rather than in some iffy mutual funds seems a little safer to me, plus I can enjoy some time on my own for the first time in a while. I’m trusting my gut on this.

Today we’re off to see my best friend to check out her new RV. She and her wife are retiring later this year and will be tooling around the country after selling their house. Their plan is to find a place they want to land, eventually, and enjoy seeing sights and friends while they roam. It’s something I’m considering myself.

I used to joke that I’ll retire at lunchtime on the day of my funeral, because retirement seemed like something I couldn’t ever achieve financially. But I think if I play my cards right, I will get there in about 6-8 years. Real estate is going to help me do that. I have even thought about putting an above-ground pool in my backyard, because swimming is something I very much enjoy. It will be that or an Endless Pool. Yes, I know it takes maintenance, but I’d rather do that than swim with strangers, honestly. Plus, if I get an endless pool with heat and jets, it’s a great thing to share with friends. The future seems bright and encouraging!

I hope your days are amazing. I hope you enjoy good health. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Namaste, Jude

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