Dancing with Pagans

I’m generally known as a peaceful person. I don’t like conflict and don’t like hard feelings with other people. When those things happen, I generally withdraw rather than cause a ruckus. I retire to lick my wounds and think about all the things I wish I had said or done. When something is really worth fighting for, I will engage. When it’s a waste of my time, I walk away. I walked away from something recently that I really could have made a difference with, but it wasn’t worth the battle. So now I’m finding other places to put the energy I have on the days I have it. This shirt probably says what I was feeling better than I ever could.

I’m getting this negativity off my chest (heh) before I join some of my pagan friends in a virtual hangout that starts in less than an hour. It’s time to inhale the positive and exhale the negative. I’m lighting a candle and celebrating being alive. You never know how long you get on this earth. Enjoy it while you can and ignore the small-minded among you.

In other news, a new drug (Protonix) worked miracles for me today. I had 3 meals! That’s the first time I’ve eaten 3 real meals since starting chemo. The doc says I definitely need more calories, because I shouldn’t lose 4 lbs in a week (because I’m losing muscle). I told her how hard it was to get food down. This drug was her suggestion, and I’m glad I took it. I might not need it every day, but we’ll see how I do after the next 2 rounds of chemo. Wish me luck!

Peace out, J

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