Easy come, easy go!

It was time. The hair coming out in the sink, the shower, the chairs, and on the floor was just too much. I tried to wait for a barber shop appointment, but Wednesday was just too far away. So I went out on the porch with my son and his trimmers and got a shave-down. I wasn’t even emotional. I was just ready for the hair to stop falling. The good news is that the chemo is working! I’ll have my curls (or spikes) back again some day.

The day after I got my port, my hair was longer than I like, but I knew it would be going away.

The day after I got my port implanted. Mid-May 2020.

This morning, after the shave.

Bald is beautiful!

I’m going to beat this thing. Cancer will not get the last word!

Peace be with you!

Off to get some fluids in a bit. Have a great Monday!

Namaste, J

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