‘Twas the night before chemo

‘Twas the night before chemo, and all through the house,
Every creature was stirring (except maybe a mouse).
My nerves are on edge, I’m pulling my hair,
And wishing that the cancer wasn’t – you know – there!
I’ve put on my jammies and turned down the bed,
To try to force sleepy thoughts into my head.
I’ve ordered my scarves, and ordered my cap,
Booked an appointment to shave off this nap.
When down in the den there arose such a clatter,
I ran down the stairs to see what was the matter.
A standoff was brewing ‘tween Delhi and Chips,
As he stared up at her and said, “You be my bish!”
“Not so!” said my dog, and she stood back in awe;
Two quick swipes from Chips drew a swipe of her paw!
We giggled, we laughed, we held fast to our bellies,
Since we’d never seen anything like that from Delhi!
Though she’s a dog, she thinks she’s a cat,
And proved it tonight with a quick little pat;
But now she’s in bed, and I should be, too,
Tomorrow will be here far, far too soon.
I’ll pack up my things; I’ll go see the lady.  
I will be strong. I won’t be a baby.
She’ll access the port, and I won’t feel the sting;
She’ll push the Red Devil, that toxic old thing.
I might feel too lousy to do much but rest,
Though I’m sure I’ll kick cancer, like any old test.
So I bid you goodnight to try and find sleep,
I’ll fight the good fight, for I have promises to keep.

Note: “Delhi” (Adele) is my rescue dog. Chips is a very fat orange housecat. I hope you enjoyed my little play on an old favorite.

Peace, J

One response to “‘Twas the night before chemo”

  1. This is awesome… Good luck tomorrow… You got this…..


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