I am a River.

Strength in the depths. Strength in change. Ever moving, even when it wants to stop. I am a river, only it’s River with a capital R, because I’ve been known online as Riverpoet since … well, the 90s.

My next tattoo will say that — “I am a River.”

I’m trying to decide on the font, but it will be a declaration to remind myself that I have continued to move forward and to persevere, even when I want everything to end. It’s my semi-colon, in a way. I have traveled through narrow passageways that threatened to stop me in my purpose, but I have carved through the rock–the immovable rock–and lived on.

Today is Bereaved Mother’s Day. I think this should be our anthem. Sing it out loud. Feel the power of those simple words. And persevere.

Peace, Jude

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